Welcome to SwiftGuide

SwiftGuide is a quick reference guide to Apple's new programming language: Swift

Swift is a much more intuitive language than Objective-C, and more closely resembles scripting languages, or Java

This guide is not meant to be a lesson in general programming, but rather a reference for Swift objects, syntax, conventions, etc.... You get the gist, flip through to get familiar with Swift, use it as a handy tool when writing the next big iOS app, curl up with SwiftGuide and a hot cup of Cocoa (the kind of Cocoa you drink), or read it to your children to get them to sleep.

NSUInteger testVal = 2.0;
NSLog(@"The value of testVal is: %lu",testVal);

testVal = 2.0
println("The value of testVal is: \(testVal)")

//Both lines above return: "The value of testVal is 2.0"